"The Best of Boat Worlds"

The Tarrytown Boat Club and Marina has been providing a haven to Hudson River boaters since 1906, when several members of an informal yachting group decided to create a new organization to be known as The Tarrytown Boat Club.
During the 1950's a marina was needed to better serve the Club and community, and this same facility (much modernized) now welcomes more boaters each year.
Our long experience and unique location allows us to offer you "The best of boat worlds" (pun intended), a comfortable marina next to rail and highway transportation, with shopping and recreation within walking distance.    Nowhere else on the majestic Hudson River will you find the best of sea and shore that is combined here.
We invite you to visit us for a few hours, as you enjoy lunch or dinner in nearby restaurants.    Or stay a few days as you rest and reprovision for the remainder of your trip north or south.
Whatever the length of your stay, we want you to enjoy it.

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